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February 25, 2024

Sam Turgeon: Running for Zephyrhills City Council to Fix Traffic, Water, Infrastructure, and Small Business Growth


Sam Turgeon: Running for Zephyrhills City Council to Fix Traffic, Water, Infrastructure, and Small Business Growth

Zephyrhills, FL. – February 8, 2024 ( – Sam Turgeon, a dedicated real estate professional and passionate resident of Zephyrhills, has announced his candidacy for the Zephyrhills City Council. With a deep love for the city and a desire to address pressing issues, Turgeon aims to bring positive change to the community. Residents are encouraged to vote for him on April 9th, 2024.

Zephyrhills, like many growing cities, is facing several challenges that require immediate attention. Turgeon has identified four key areas that demand urgent action: traffic congestion, future water needs, a robust and solid infrastructure, and small business growth.

Recognizing the urgency of these issues, Turgeon has outlined his vision for the city. He firmly believes that Zephyrhills is at a crossroads and that the current growth is unsustainable. Turgeon aims to extend the moratorium on development until a comprehensive plan is in place to handle increased density. By doing so, he hopes to preserve the essence of Zephyrhills and prevent the city from losing its charm.

Turgeon’s love for Zephyrhills stems from his ten-year residency in the city. He understands the importance of maintaining a high quality of life for current and future generations. Without proper planning, Zephyrhills could face water shortages, restrictions on water use, overcrowded schools, clogged roads, and traffic nightmares. Turgeon is committed to addressing these issues to ensure that Zephyrhills remains a great place to live and raise a family.

“There is no problem we face that can’t be fixed,” Turgeon asserts. However, he emphasizes the need for a City Council that shares his vision and determination to address these challenges. Turgeon’s candidacy represents an opportunity for the residents of Zephyrhills to elect a leader who is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions and securing a prosperous future for the city.

To learn more about Sam Turgeon’s campaign and his plans for Zephyrhills, please visit his official website at Residents are encouraged to support Turgeon by casting their vote on April 9th, 2024.

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